Italian Basketball Federation

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Italian Basketball Federation
FIBA Europe
Association crest
FIBA affiliation1932
FIBA Europe affiliation1958
PresidentGianni Petrucci

The Italian Basketball Federation (Italian: Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro; FIP) is the governing body of basketball in Italy. It is based in Rome.

It organises national competitions in Italy and the Italian basketball leagues, which operate the country's two professional leagues, Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) and Serie A2 Basket.

It is also responsible for appointing the management of the Italian national basketball team (men's) and women's. But also youth men's (under-19 and under-17), women's (under-19 and under-17), 3x3 men's and women's basketball teams.

It is a member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) as one of the founding member, and has one of the world's longest basketball traditions.[1]


The FIP also organizes several competitions:



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