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I just started here this year. But I have found the experience of writing for Wikipedia quite interesting since there's a lot of work to be done - and with the joint effort of the community we will succeed.

I am a college student as many contributors are here, majoring in Industrial Design Engineering. Due to that, I have CAD/CAE/CAM expertise. Well, you could say my major was some influence, but most of it was my fascination with 3D applications. I've tried a lot and found a few to be really productive to work with. Like most CADders I started with AutoCAD and hold an Instructor Certification directly from the company that started it all. You could imagine how wild the older instructors got once they heard a 21 year old fella was getting the certification.

I live in Mexico - an advantage and a disadvantage as well. Why would I say that? Well, the advantages of living here in Mexico are just great, but most are social advantages. The disadvantages, well, let's say that living in a third-world country makes my hobbies (which most have to do with technology) quite expensive. Although I plan on moving out of here once I get my degree.

I haven't got a long list of articles written here in the Wikipedia:

  • Solidworks - When I started it, nobody had contributed yet. I just took the chance of showing off what it is for.
  • List of CAD companies - I just loved to fill in the blanks, although there are more blanks to fill in this list.
  • CAID - Yup, I breathe this one every single day of my life. More info coming soon.