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My name is J. Scott Owens, (Wikipedia username: 'Rok100') and this is a general information page about me and my various areas of interest and fields of independent study.

I'm not a historian but I am an enthusiastic reader about History and a researcher into historically significant events. This is just my own particular area of interest. I'm fascinated in the subject - because I recently came to realize that most people (including myself, at that time) knew almost NOTHING about the history of our country or anything else, for that matter. I attribute my awakening to history to an author named Howard Zinn and if you haven't read anything he's written, you really don't have a full grasp on the reality of the past. Read the first chapter of "A People's History of the United States" or a chapter excerpt fron his official web site, and judge for yourself if I'm exaggerating his importance as an author, a writer and an educator.

The sources that I use for gathering and checking information are all publicly available and well-respected by the leading experts and professionals in their fields of expertise. I'm seriously only interested in learning - and promoting THE TRUTH - not just more of the rank propaganda put forth for the purposes of promoting anyone's 'belief system' or any 'faith-based' political-religious ideology. There's already far too much of that going on. It's almost impossible to hear the faint whisper of reality amongst all the screaming-loud background noise of mass-media lies. Here in what USED to be known as the United States of America, during this new era of mass-confusion, planted and carefully-cultivated delusions and the intended extinction of honesty and objectivity, there REALLY IS an intentional, institutionalized program of wanton destruction of all logic, reason and factual information.

There's a new kind of politically-conservative form of fierce nationalism here in America, a movement that is very much like a religion, in the way that it's "believers" are more such advocates to the movement that they are unwilling to see anything else as it's equal or even a competeing point of view. This new movement is based on a doctrine that falsely states that "believing in something" - believing in ANYTHING - is automatically to be regarded as some kind of a virtue, no matter how wrong-headed that belief may be! So there's this new paradigm about information concerning what's "real" and what isn't "real" - It measures the validity of any discussion by a simple-minded 2 point scale:

SIDE 'A' ----- fair and balanced line ----- SIDE 'B'

It's a well-marketed new product, called 'consumer-based subjectivity'. It allows everyone to pick and choose their own, preferred versions and flavors of 'personalized reality'. Some people like the flavor of CNN's 'reality-lite', some like the taste of MSNBC's caffiene-free, low-carb, 'diet-reality' and others like the toxic taste of whatever FOX News is selling right now. Of course, the problem inherent to this new 'disregarding logic' principle of thinking and processing information is OBVIOUS:

EARTH 'SPHERICAL' ----- fair and balanced line ----- EARTH 'FLAT'

The further one moves to the right down that 'fair and balanced' line - the further away from the FIXED POINT known as 'FACT' one's mind floats. This is precisely why an ever-growing majority of Americans now believe that the 'weapons of mass destruction' actually HAVE been found, that Saddam Hussein WAS personally involved in the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon - and they believe that the poor multi-billionaires and their multi-national corporation DESPERATELY need to be protected from us powerful and greedy individual human beings!

My new found goal and purpose in life is to try to learn as much as possible, to expand my mind and maybe to help others expand their minds, to find new and creative ways to show these 'faith-based' bad-policy advocates that some things REALLY ARE FACTS, and therefore - not subjective to their strange religious beliefs. There's too little value placed on hard facts and evidence these days. To a growing majority of my fellow Americans, it's now considered more important to have some kind of strongly-held faith in some arbitrary halfway-point between left and right, between Republican and Democrat, between black and white or between good and evil.

Somewhere along the line, we've simply 'lost our way'. Recently, I've become aware of an urgent and growing need to DO SOMETHING, to make a positive and lasting contribution to the public good. I feel a need prove, if only to myself and a few others, that the earth REALLY ISN'T just some idiotic compromise of an abstract shape located somewhere along a simple-minded 'fair and balanced' opinion-line between two falsely-proposed referrence points - marked as "BADLY WRONG" and "MORE WRONG".

Towards those ends, I'm now looking at the possibilities and the economic realities of returning to a University to achieve the required education to become an educator myself - to put myself into a position where I can teach history, political science, civics and/or social studies to those who'll be here long after we're gone. That would constitute, to my way of thinking, a real contribution to what our ancestors used to call "the common wealth" - a nobel and unifying concept that we've jettisoned somewhere along the way - in favor pf promoting the accumulation of "private wealth".

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The following list of web sitesm databases, archives and organizations represent the most-trusted, verifiable information experts on the subjects in which I'm the most interested, such as Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Human Rights, International Criminal Courts, The United Nations, Environmental Issues, Corporate Responsibility, Political Activism, Oklahoma Law, the Bill of Rights, US Supreme Court, Personal Privacy, Electronic Communications Laws, Academic Excellence, the Public Availability of Educational Opportunities, American History's Flawed Educational Methods and the Proposed Reforms, Government Transparency, the Freedom of Information Act, International and Multi-national Internet-Based Information and Communications Technologies, as well as any/all Related Laws and Regulations therof, etc.

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